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    Post  DragonJQW on Wed Feb 08, 2012 3:47 pm

    [b]Hey everyone! I am Dragon{server moderator} and I am running a contest. *What is the contest about??!*

    I, Dragon, have decided to make a contest for everyone. Once servers will be online again, i will add an item to the server called ''DeltaWeapon'' for free in yulgars shops. I will log on after 2-3 days and when i see the first player equipping it i will choose him/her as winner. What's the prize??? 1 EXTRA HOUR HAVING FUN WITH ME~! And also you can make a wish! Anything you want (Excepting: Asking for mod ship; Asking for adminship; Asking for banning someones account}. You can wish anything from A to Z. Like Name Changing, TEMPORARY Moderator Status(no acs/gold included}; Wish for a personal item or for VIP Status(permanent *Gotta see what JunK says about this*}; Any Name Color; Ask to meet any other mods you want and so on! CONTEST RUNNING WHEN SERVERS WILL BE WORKING AGAIN~! I will send a few server messages everyday. JunkOn!

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